Big Data CRM

Big Data can be defined as the study of huge volume of complex data being generated. Big data CRM refers to the practice of integrating big data into a company’s CRM processes. Big Data analysis is now an integral part of CRM Software

Big Data can be used to capture, store, manage, process, or analyze market generated information. The goal of Big Data CRM is to analyze and predict customer behavior and improve customer service. Huge amount of data is being generated from various sources such as mobile apps, server logs, geo location, retail stores, financial, social media platforms and other data points. 

There are 5 Billion mobile phones in use in 2019, around 30 billion pieces of content shared on Facebook and other social sites every month and there is over 40% growth in global data generated per year. 

Organizations are increasingly having more data in their system today. As limitless data gets generated, it becomes vital for companies to use them effectively.

Benefits of Big Data CRM :

  •  Big Data can help enlarge CRM systems by intergrating big data into a CRM arrangement, organizations can foresee client conduct, improve client support, and ascertain return on initial capital investment all the more precisely
  • Big Data can possibly change the manner in which organizations oversee client connections by offering organizations powerful new instruments, fit for recognizing sales opportunities and analyzing clients' reactions to items, by consolidating internal information with information on social networks 
  • Companies are using data collection and analysis to make better management decisions for forecasting future sales
  • Gathering and analyzing Big Data on their clients permits organizations to increment  client loyalty and improve business relationship
  • Big Data assists with building a database of buyers intrigued by the product offered by your organization in this way increment their sales
  • A CRM can monitor the data trail that clients leave on different online stages and present the information in form of analytics
  • Big Data enables organizations to anticipate how clients will react later on dependent on their past purchasing conduct
  • Joining Big Data with other CRM information can improve client analysis and lead to prescient demonstrating and different practices
  • Organizations utilizing Big Data related to CRM plan to have systems that can procedure information continuously and in this manner interface with clients quicker

Big Data Technology

Big Data analysis can be with by various data processing application software’s. Hadoop by Apache is leading Open source enterprise software for Big Data clustered scale out data processing analysis

Big Data can be used to improve decision making and integrating big data analysis, tools, and techniques into customer relationship management (CRM) 

It can help organizations radically improve customer service and enhance the customer experience. Big Data is the key to the future of business in terms of Research, Productivity Growth, Innovation, and Marketing.

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